♣ So. - Yuka A.♣ Jr. - Kyle A.♣ Jr. - Santosh B.♣ Sr. - Brennan B.♣ Sr. - Nathan B.♣ So - Anthony B.
♣ Jr. - Aaron B.♣ So. - Reed B.♣ Jr. - Alex C.♣ Sr. - Nuriel C.♣ So. - Taylor C.♣ Jr. - Haley C.
♣ Fr. - Sofia D.♣ Jr. - Chami D.♣ Fr. - Jared F.♣ Jr. - Emily F.♣ Sr. - Carson G.♣ Fr. - Alex G.
♣ Sr. - Zane H.♣ So - Ben H.♣ Jr. - Stephen H.♣ Sr. - Mekiah H.♣ So. - Sakshi K.♣ Sr. - Haley K.
♣ So - Jenny K.♣ Fr. - Kristin L.♣ Jr. - Gabrielle L.♣ Jr. - Amanda L.♣ So. - Edward L.♣ So. - Calynn L.
♣ Jr. - Elena M.♣ Fr. - Sharil M.♣ Jr. - Brandon M.♣ Sr. - BJ M.♣ Jr. - Daniel N.♣ Jr. - Danny N.
♣ Jr. - Bhargav P.♣ Sr. - Devin P.♣ Sr. - Megan P.♣ Jr. - Abhishek P.♣ So - Claire R.♣ Sr. - Ethan R.
♣ So. - Alec S.♣ Sr. - Ryan S.♣ Sr. - Wittiker S.♣ So. - Marcus S.♣ Jr. - Hunter S.♣ So. - Adam S.
♣ Fr. - Julie T.♣ Jr. - Chris T.♣ So. - Chanmarie U.♣ Fr. - Zain V.♣ Sr. - Michael V.♣ Sr. - Jessa W.
♣ So. - Jared W.♣ Jr. - Allen W.♣ So. - Christa W.♣ Jr. - Mila W.♣ So. - Steven W.♣ So. - Dean Z.
♣ Malcolm Junkin - Malcolm is Lucien’s brother, who lives in Virginia, but comes to Texas for weeks/months at a time each robot season just to work with the Robonauts. He is always part of a mechanical subsystem, and he is always prototyping. If you need some good quality entertainment, hang around Malcolm when he’s near Lucien. Inevitably they will get into an argument. This is Malcolm’s 8th season with The Robonauts. ♣ Kris Pettinger - Kris, with the help of a few talented students, created our awesome scouting app for iPads, which is used at every competition in the pits. This is Kris’ 6th season with The Robonauts. ♣ Ross Pettinger - Ross is the head software mentor. He is really cool. He teaches karate. And can fix anything except for gyros. Make sure you touch his smooth, glorious head at some point in your Robonauts career. This is Ross’ 8th season with The Robonauts. ♣ Candace Campanelli - Campanelli is the Lead FRC Faculty Mentor. She is generally very involved in Chairman’s. She also works as the Testing Coordinator at Clear Springs. She is probably the best mentor to go to if you have any personal problems. This is Campanelli’s 6th season with The Robonauts. ♣ Robert Kershaw - Kershaw is the head Controls mentor. He is generally pretty quiet, but has been with the team for quite some time. Although quiet, he is really nice, and a strong supporter of pranks between students and mentors. He is also incredibly intelligent and has insight in most everything robot-related, so do not hesitate to ask him if you have problems. This is Kershaw’s 18th season with The Robonauts.
♣ Bill Bluethmann - Bill was one of the founders of The Robonauts back in the fall of 1996, making this Bill’s 21st season with The Robonauts. He is another mentor on the programming subsystem. He mainly works on the vision tracking or the autonomous side of programming. He has a ridiculous amount of experience in programming, and can basically do anything. ♣ Jodi Graf - Jodi is another mentor on the software subsystem. She is an absolute genius regarding computer vision (and just software in general), so a lot of her time goes toward working with the vision tracking (camera) on the robot, as well as the embroidery for our bumpers/signage on our robots. This is Jodi’s 3rd season with The Robonauts. ♣ Scott England - Scott has his B.S. and M.S. in Engineering Science & Mechanics, with a concentration in Biomechanics from Virginia Tech. At JSC, Scott works in the Anthropometry & Biomechanics Facility, helping to improve the way humans live and work in space. Scott started in FIRST on FRC #122 in Hampton, Virginia in 1998. He was a founding member of FRC #401 in Blacksburg, Virginia in 2000, and mentored with them for 6 years. Scott joined the Robonauts in 2010, and chiefly works mechanically on game piece-oriented subsystems (intake/scoring).♣ Joey Barcio - Joey graduated Marquette with a B.S. in Comp Sci and a M.S. in Comp Sci at NIU. This is his second year with the Robonauts, but his fourth year working with other robotics teams like BEST and VEX IQ. He specializes in software. His claim to fame is that hemet Lucien playing Ultimate Frisbee, which he has played longer than these kids have been alive.♣ Travis Brown
♣ Justin Ridley - Ridley generally leads the shooter subsystem, or at least the subsystem manipulating the primary game piece. He is generally considered to be the mentor in charge of scouting. For the majority of build season, he will be focused on the robot design and structure, but as time nears competition season, he will emphasize scouting more and more, and is usually the mentor at competitions to talk with the scouting team and other prospective “alliance teams.” This is Ridley’s 13th season with The Robonauts, however he has been in FIRST Robotics for much longer! As a high school student he was on Team 27, and started/mentored Team 221/857 (team changed #s after a couple years), alongside Anthony, in college.♣ Anthony Lapp - "Manthony" is usually the head of the endgame subsystem and the “Pit Boss” at competition. Along with the team’s Chief Engineer and Pit Crew, he is in charge of making sure the robot stays in top shape over the course of the season. If you ever need to find him just look for the really swole guy. Don’t let the muscles scare you though, Anthony is super knowledgable about FIRST, and robotics (he even has his own company that sells parts to other FRC teams). He has a lot of experience and knowledge to offer you. He has a newborn son at home, so he likely will not be around consistently. This is Anthony’s 6th season with The Robonauts, however he has been in FIRST Robotics for much longer! As a high school student he was on Team 27, and started/mentored Team 221/857 (team changed #s after a couple years), alongside Ridley, in college.♣ Andy Schaafs - Mr. Schaafs is an Engineering teacher at Clear Falls HS and the coach of the Falls VEX team. This is his 1st official season with The Robonauts. He used to be an engineer before he became a teacher, and you might have seen him before emceeing VEX competitions.♣ Marina Cernik - a.k.a. "Glorious Dictator", Marina is a by-product of the Robonauts, having spent three years as a Robonaut. This is her second year as a mentor of the Robonauts, working with the controls. She currently attends Lamar University and is majoring in Chemical Engineering.♣ Michael Mayfield - Michael is the sweet success story of an accountant turned software engineer. He started mentoring the Robonauts when his son Gavin made the team as a freshman. Michael hasn't looked back since. He helps with prototyping and loves to work with Roy and Emily on Everybot.
♣ Roy Anderson - Roy graduated from THE University of Southern California with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He has worked for the Air Force working on satellite controls. He has 6 kids and 2 of them have been Robonauts, with one future Robonaut on the way. He also is a mentor for BEST robotics, team 230 "Jigsaw" and for VEX IQ. He has worked with school robotics for over 8 years, including the last four years on the Robonauts. Will work for food!♣ Parker Francis♣ Ed Herrera♣ Robert Hester♣ Dan Fernald - Dan graduated from New Mexico St. University with a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering and a M.S. in Chemical Engineering. He has been working with the Robonauts for 5 years and specializes in the climb (errr...falling) of the robot. He also mentors VEX IQ.
♣ Chris Kettler♣ Dustin Cornelius - Dustin is a PLTW teacher at Clear Springs, where he teaches Principles of Engineering. He graduated from BYU with a degree in Tech Ed. He has been a mentor for the Robonauts for 5 years and also mentors Clear Springs' VEX teams. He also helped create the CCISD POE VEX Robotics competition, and holds one championship. He has lots of kids.♣ David Knerr♣ Sam Maredia♣ Emily McQuach - This is Emily's first year as a mentor for Team 118. She was a four year graduate of Team 1212 and also mentored Team 1212 for 3 years. She graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Arizona St. Before she graduated, she competed in MATE and HURC, two underwater robot competitions. She also spent time in Antarctica, using her underwater robotic knowledge for research there. She has also worked on Robonaut.
♣ Robert Davis - Professor Davis is an educator at Clear Falls High. He teaches computer stuff to important kids. This is his 3rd year with the Robonauts.♣ Rob Conova - Mr. Conova is a Special Education teacher at Clear Lake HS. This is his 4th season with The Robonauts.♣ Luis Medina - Mr. Medina, also known as The Overlord, is the Robotics Coordinator for CCISD. Many administrative decisions are made by him. He will be the one that makes sure you keep your grades in check. This is Mr. Medina’s 11th season with The Robonauts.♣ Joey Segura - Mr. Segura is a Physics teacher at Clear Creek HS, as well as the coach for the Creek VEX Robotics team. This is his 4th season with The Robonauts.♣ Lucien Junkin - Lucien is one of the most intense robot mentors, and also the head coach for our team. He is always pushing students on the team to do the best that they possibly can. He is also involved with Chairman's, scouting before competitions, and the selection of the drive team. On the robot, Lucien generally is head of one of the game piece manipulating subsystems. He is the prototyping king. Whenever he says he’s “disappointed”, run. This is Lucien’s 20th season with The Robonauts.
♣ Roger Rovekamp♣ Carol Mullenax - Carol’s educational background is in aeronautics (Caltech), mechanical engineering (WashU), and biomedical engineering (Tulane) – she supported varied technical activities ranging from 3-D vision research (JPL) to structural testing/validation of fighter jets (Boeing) to design/build of space bioreactor systems (Bastion) before succumbing to the lure of management (Wyle). Carol recently returned from a TDY assignment at NASA Ames Research Center in northern California supporting contract management. Her current day job is in project management, serving as Deputy Manager for the Space Radiation Element and Manager for the Space Radiation Risk Assessment Project, both within NASA’s Human Research Program that seeks to quantify and mitigate the risks of the spaceflight environment on human health and performance. Carol initially mentored for FIRST in 1997 (RoboRafters, St. Louis) – she has volunteered with Team 118 since 2009 and typically helps organize and support efforts to build and maintain the game-specific field elements for the season.♣ Pat Medina - Ms. Medina is a CTE teacher at Clear Brook HS, as well a coach for the CHECHS/Brook VEX Robotics team. This is her 15th season with The Robonauts. She is NOT related to the other Medina on the team.♣ Rob Ambrose - Rob was one of the founders of The Robonauts back in the fall of 1996, making this Rob’s 21st season with The Robonauts. He continues to play an integral role in the success of our team. Rob’s favorite Robonauts robot is Valkyrie.♣ Reyes Vega
♣ Ryan Davies - Coach Ryan "Danger" Davies is the Robotics & Automation teacher at Clear Brook HS, as well as a coach for the CCISD BEST Robotics team. He also gave up coaching volleyball at Brook to become a member of the Robonauts and VEX coach for Clear Brook for his first season this year. He is a national champion coach in volleyball.♣ Logan Farrell - Logan is typically the head of a mechanical subsystem that does not fall under endgame, intake, or base. When Manthony is busy with his newborn son, Logan keeps the pit crew under control. Logan is one of the easiest people to talk to and learn from. He has not been around for as long as some of the other mentors, but puts in a ton of work for the students and the robot every year. This is Logan’s 5th season with The Robonauts, however he has been in FIRST Robotics for many years. As a high school student he was on Team 1747 for seasons ‘06-’09.