Team History

The Robonauts was formed in 1997 through a partnership between NASA's Johnson Space Center and the Clear Creek Independent School District. Over the years, our team has made significant strides in advancing community awareness of robotics. We have started 25 FLL (F.I.R.S.T. LEGO League) teams, 42 VEX IQ teams, 3 B.E.S.T. (Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology) teams, and 17 VEX robotics teams across our community. During the summer the Robonauts also run the "RoboCamp". This camp inspires children from 2nd through 8th grades by using robotics to teach science, mathematics and engineering principals.

When our students reach high school they are able to apply to join the Robonauts' FRC (F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competition) team. Each year we start the season with team building exercises and leap into the game challenge with brainstorming, prototyping, researching, and a serious effort to build a quality robot. At every event we attend, we bring spare parts and dispatch the "Robonauts Robot Rescue," or "R Cubed" team to ensure every FRC team has the ability to participate on the field. When we're not building, our Robonauts family meets at potlucks, picnics, paint ball matches, and other events. We are proudly the Robonauts.


Over the years, we developed a collection of basic software classes that we frequently use from year to year. We have provided them under Team Information, Robots tab so that other teams can benefit from them.

*Disclaimer: All software is intended to be an example, it comes with no guarantee, warranty, or any other assurance that it will work or even compile on your system. You may use, modify, and distribute any parts of this software that you wish with no restrictions. We do request that any unmodified code retain some recognition of FRC team 118.