The Robonauts Everybot, with a final budget of $1000, is an affordable, robust, and simplistic robot that can be built with nothing but basic tools and items found in either the kit of parts, purchased from your local hardware store, or FRC retailer such as Andymark and VEXPro.

In our analysis of FIRST Power Up, we’ve found that a short list of robot capabilities will define a robot capable of playing in a regional finals match or have a place on an alliance at a championship. We stuck to the most valuable and basic scoring tasks. This list can be found in the "technical documentation" linked below the reveal video.


Everybot Reveal Video


The Robonauts are proud to present the technical documentation on Everybot that includes a guide on how we built Everybot along with some robot photos for teams to reference.


Here is the link to the CAD of Everybot. We strived to make it as complete as possible.
Here is the link to the Bill of Materials for Everybot.
Everybot came out to around $750 plus the items that are in the 2018 kit of parts.


Everybot runs off of the Robonauts PACBot code. PACBot code is modular code designed to support our PACBot prototyping chassis. The PACBot code is posted on our website under Team Information->Robots->2018. Included with the code is the Robonauts PACBot Guide with documentation on how to get the software on your robot running as well as adding additional capabilities to your robot's software.